Flexible Fire Sprinkler Pipe


A definitive arrangement in Flexible Pipe. Discover how the Authority Having Jurisdiction will never again need to quantify or tally the curves of the sprinkler hose amid definite investigation and how this new item can accelerate establishment sparing you time and cash!
Flexible Pipe installers are never again confined to the settled lengths of dark steel pipe amid the last association with the cooler however now have the alternative of introducing an adaptable treated steel hose that is accessible in up to 6′ long.

Available product length and type 700mm to 1800 (28” to 70”)
Available square bar length 700mm to 1500 (28” to 59”)
Max. working pressure 14kgf/cm2 (200psi)
Max. ambient temperature 107°C (225°F)
Minimum installation Bending Radius 75mm (3”)
Bending Angles (Flow Direction) up to 180 Degree
Largest K factor for 1/2 inch outlet 5.6[gpm/(psi)1/2]
Largest K factor for 3/4 inch outlet 14.0[gpm/(psi) 1/2]
Intended use Wet system and dry system