NOVEC 1230

Novec 1230 fire concealment framework, is intended for use with Novec 1230 fire assurance liquid and is the most up to date operator in Halon options. It has unmistakable ecological advantages over some other dynamic halon elective. Designed framework utilizing Novec 1230 liquid are regularly introduced in Data preparing focuses, IT rooms, telecom exchanging focuses, exhibition hall and social legacy applications.
Novec1230 liquid contains neither bromine nor chlorine and has zero 0zone exhausting potential.
The environmental lifetime of Novec 1230 liquid is assessed to be in the scope of 3-5 days and with an a dangerous atmospheric devation capability of 1, it is viewed as that the Novec 1230 liquid has no quantifiable effect on environmental change.
These qualities guarantee that Novec 1230 liquid speaks to a genuinely reasonable innovation.