Give us a chance to take a case to be more particular and clear. In an oil cooled transformer, the oil is probably going to burst into flames after a specific mild is surpassed and in a flash the whole transformer will burst into flames and consume from all sides; despite the fact that the transformer is comprised of metal. To maintain a strategic distance from this, kind fire, we utilize Water Spray System.
Here, there might be various metal rings of locators, a finder is only a temperature detecting component. This finder ring is put by the in all likelihood lushes where the temperature is going to surpass or fire is going to happen. Likewise the, whole transformer is encompassed by different showers, at various levels. A shower is nothing, yet a sprinkler without the temperature detecting, globule.
At the point when the fire takes put, the indicator ring identifies this; and gives the flag to the storm valve or all the sprinkler encompassing the transformer to begin at the same time. Consequently the whole transformer is flushed with water, to chill it off.